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About ClapperboardUK

Clapperboard UK is now in its 9th year delivering a highly successful youth led industry supported film-making project.


Our aim is to bring film literacy and creativity into all aspects of education, handling the whole process from script to screen, over to young people and their communities. Our films are issue based, radical and thoroughly researched.

Clapperboard believes in honest and challenging processes which lead to a better and more cohesive society.  Our practice is aligned and informed by Asset Based Community Development were experts are on tap and not on top with a belief that all individuals and communities have a role to play in helping themselves and others.


Clapperboard is committed to the new Department of Media & Culture Five Point Plan


These Five Points are:

â–  A new programme to bring film education into every school, giving every pupil the chance to see, understand and learn about British film.

â–  A call for the major broadcasters to invest more in the screening, acquisition and production of independent British film

â–  Incentives ensuring a more collaborative approach between producers, directors and distributors which in turn will facilitate financing of projects

â–  A strong commitment to combat piracy and illegal exploitation of intellectual property

â–  A scheme to bring digital screens and projectors to village and community halls across the country

â–º Read the full report here.

Active Citizens Panel

Our young Active Citizens Panel is instrumental in evaluating, monitoring and researching our project and deciding film topics while bringing much needed youth voice and democratic processes into their lives and other excluded communities. Clapperboard's young Active Citizens Panel is instrumental in deciding film topics through a democratic process.




We deliver a wide range of initiatives including:


â–  Creative workshops including drama, script development, design and make-up, etc.

â–  Behind the scenes, opportunities to learn how to use technical facilities including camera, sound, editing, etc.

â–  Short film-making courses.

â–  Writing Groups for new and established writers (theatre, film and television).

â–  Clapperboard Presents.. monthly fundraiser screenings with industry professionals at Picturehouse @ Fact.

â–  Corporate films at community rates which can be made by young people and local community groups.

â–  Technical film-making equipment for hire at community rates.

â–  Event Management at community rates.

â–  ‘Youth’ and ‘Media’ Consultancy.

â–  Social Networking Consultancy.



You can now make a donation to Clapperboard UK Ltd by using Just Text Giving.

To make a donation text CBUK01 to 70070 with the amount you wish to donate

and make a difference today. We thank you in advance for all donations.


Registered Charity No. 1137432.