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What leading film and TV industry professionals have had to say about the Clapperboard Presents project and our regular screenings.

David Morrissey, Don’t Worry About Me – Nov 09

I am very happy to be screening my film, ‘Don’t Worry About Me’ as a fund raiser for Clapperboard UK.  The inspirational work Clapperboard does with young people, helping them find a voice through the use of film, is fantastic!

Frank Clarke, Fruit Machine, Aug 10

I hope that this screening will raise much needed funds for the Clapperboard Youth Project, run by fellow Kirkby girl Maureen Sinclair, which has run successfully with more than 1000 young people aged 12-19 across the north west bringing creativity into their lives.  Maureen’s out there battling for the community and she deserves every drop of support.

Brian Percival, Boy Called Dad, Sep 10

It was always my dream to direct a feature film but to be able to direct part of it on my own doorstep made the dream even more special. The icing on the cake is to have our film screened at the 3rd Wirral International Film Festival. We hope it's as successful a night as the Clapperboard screening at the Plaza Crosby earlier this year.

Alan Field, Act of Grace, Oct 10

I’m really proud that we are having the cast and crew screening in Liverpool where the film was shot.  I’m really happy that the film’s first screening is a fundraiser for Clapperboard UK, a charity close to my heart which I have supported, working on script development with young people from Archbishop Beck School.

Margi Clarke, Blonde Fist, Nov 10

Maureen Sinclair has been amazing in facilitating the screening of Blonde Fist and the launch of my new book.  I’m delighted that proceeds will go to Clapperboard to help in its efforts to skill up local kids for the next media generation.

Neil Fitzmaurice – Going Off Big Time, Nov 10

It’s a great honour to have Going Off Big Time shown at The Clapperboards, as local filmmakers both myself and Tony are very proud of this city and the work that Maureen Sinclair and Clapperboard does for the young people of Merseyside! Long may it continue?

Chris Eccleston, Hillsborough, – Dec 10

I’m proud to be introducing the screening of Hillsborough in support of the Clapperboard Youth Project.

Crissy Rock, Ladybird Ladybird – April 11

It’s brilliant that Maureen’s screening Ladybird Ladybird to raise funds for a well deserved project whilst helping to promote my new autobiography.  The Clapperboard Youth Project is a fantastic learning opportunity for so many young people from the North West.

James McMartin, Dead Man’s Cards – June 11

I’m a huge fan of Maureen Sinclair and her dedication to Clapperboard, a charity close to my heart so I’m really made up that she’s screening my feature film debut to raise much needed funds for the Clapperboard Youth Project. 

Tina Malone, The Long Day Closes – September 11

Working with Terence Davies was an incredible experience, a true genius and a wonderful film, by a wonderful man.  It’s great to have this special screening as a fundraiser for Clapperboard.


Joanne Hartley, This Is England – October 11

I’m extremely grateful to 'CLAPPERBOARD presents… Youth Project' and Maureen Sinclair for inviting me to attend the screening of  'THIS IS ENGLAND' in Liverpool. … It's fantastic & inspiring when young people come together and are give the freedom and the tools to create something amongst themselves, a piece of their own. It stimulates growth, unity and problem solving. Thanks to CLAPPERBOARD this is made possible. Important issues are tackled and addressed on these projects. Being given an opportunity to work on one of these project, could be the beginning of someone's dream career or just an all round great experience in learning. Do the best you can. Well done CLAPPERBOARD for encouraging young talent and giving them the freedom to create and live the dream!

Scot Williams, Backbeat – November 11

I am delighted to be attending the forthcoming Clapperboard screening and Q&A of Iain Softley’s 1994 Beatles Bio movie BACKBEAT, in which I played Pete Best.  I applaud Clapperboard in its continued efforts to deliver all aspects of creativity and education, (from script to screen), over to young people and their communities. An initiative which has resulted in many successful youth led and industry supported film-making projects over the past eight years.  As recent events have demonstrated so much, never have the youth of inner city Britain needed such an outlay of creativity and expression.

Tony Maudsley, A Life for a Life – December 11

I was lucky enough to be invited to this years Clapperboard Awards. I was bowled over, to say the least, to witness first hand, the joy and pride that these young film makers showed when they saw all of their hard work celebrated on the big screen to a hugely appreciative audience. Their achievements were a credit to themselves and to all of the people involved in the running of Clapperboard. Long may this project continue!!

Kevin Sampson, Awaydays – February 2012

Red Union Films is excited to be working with Clapperboard on this special presentation of Awaydays. Both Dave and myself are long-time admirers of Clapperboard's work in the local community and beyond, channeling the creativity of young epople and helping take those first critical steps to fulfilling their aspirations. It's a cracking set-up and we're made up to be involved.