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Clapperboard Promo 2013

Uploaded on 17 November, 2013

During the year 2012-13 project, Clapperboard has worked with young people from Greater Manchester and Merseyside. We have also contacted new, vibrant and ‘up and coming’ film companies, graduates and editors – thereby strengthening our

commitment to supportive young, innovative and creative people from our communities.

With the guidance of industry professionals, each group of young people developed their ideas from script to screen,

producing six short films explorings the issues around online safety, identity, community, violent crime, discrimination, health, wellbeing and sexuality. Their stories are honest, real, controversial and sometimes humorously dark.

The six films submitted for the 2013 competition were judged by high profile industry professionals: acclaimed writer Frank cottrell Boyce, award-winning producer Nicola Shindler, actors Steven Graham and Hannah Walters, and Clapperboard volunteer Richard Outram, a University of Salford graduate.

We hope you enjoy this and the other videos from this years competition and join us in celebrating these young film-makers’ achievements.


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