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Empty Bed – Drama (BBFC, Liverpool CC Mayor’s Fund)

Uploaded on 19 November, 2015

A perfect storm of problems engulf a working woman and her daughter when modern Britain shows its brutal bureaucracy.

Clapperboard’s wide ranging team of writers, actors, camera operator’s, sound etc, and young people from our film groups came together to produce a film on the difficulties facing many working women in today’s society. This will be entered in to other film competitions and is a calling card for all involved. The film stays true to Clapperboard’s commitment to political social realism and is influenced by Cathy Come Home!  (shot on a Black Magic camera)

Starring – Paula Lamb, Christie Mac, James McMartin, Natasha Odita, and Simon Reevell


Category: Clapperboard Awards 2015, Film, Film 2015, and Video.