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End Hate, Love Banter (2013)

Uploaded on 16 November, 2013

CITC/Whitebridge Cllege, Croxteth Gems, Kirkby High and Oasis Academy.


“We are all Lancastrian… We are all immigrants… So, let’s laugh and sing! Choose banter… not hate!”


CREDITS: Connor Davidson, Stewart Davidson, Owen Hughes, Dylan Lytollis, Jake Stanley, Matthew Stewart, Ryan Wilkinson, Alex Bennett, Deryn Duffy, Dylan Dwyer, Mikey Dwyer, Mikey Garner, Abbie Green, Mua Savage, James Smith, Chrissy Harrop, Molly McCulloch, Lewis Mosely, Alex Ramsden, LEwis Clarke, Mia Ennis, Harry Gartley, Taylor Gartley, Taylor McElroy, Tyrese Nicols, Lucy Prince, Callum Smith


Writing support: Colin Farrell


Category: Clapperboard Awards 2013, Film, Film 2013, and Video.