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Scouse and Proud! – Documentary (High Sheriff via CFM)

Uploaded on 19 November, 2015

Through research and oral family history young people from Merseyside isolate cultural icons that make them Scouse and Proud!

Produced in October 2014 a group combined of young police cadets and young people from Clapperboard’s network (16-22 years of age) explored the icons that make them proud to be Scouse. The group were not encouraged against using clichĂ©d icons such as football teams….The Beatles…ferries and Cathedrals etc.

Starring – Ryan Bromilow, Miles Doyle, Mikhail Garnet, Layla Idowu, Jodie Zara Jones, Christie Mac, Conner McLeod, Nick Mullin and Oliver Rothwell.


Category: Film, Film 2015, and Video.