Clapperboard Presents the 10 year anniversary of ‘The Be All and End All’ @picturehousefact

Josh Bolt, Clapperboard Presents, The Be All and End All, picturehousefact, Liverpool

Robbie (Josh Bolt) and Ziggy (Eugene Byrne) think they’ll be best mates forever, but when Robbie collapses on holiday and is diagnosed with a fatal heart condition, forever suddenly seems a lot shorter. However, Robbie only has one thing on his mind: he doesn’t want to die a virgin – and the only one who can help him achieve his goal is his best friend Ziggy.

Hopelessly inexperienced with the opposite sex himself, Ziggy is put in charge with the almighty task of getting his dying friend laid and devises a number of flawed plans which lead to him getting beaten up by the outraged girls at school, followed by a mistimed trip to a brothel just as it gets raided by the police.

Both newcomers when they were cast, the performances by young Liverpudlian actors Josh Bold and Eugene Byrne are spontaneous and charmingly rough around the edges, making The Be All and End All that rare thing; a British film that is frank, unsentimental and downright funny.

Our special 10 year anniversary screening is hosted by Clapperboard and will include a post screening discussion with lead actors Josh Bolt and Leanne Best.